Free Shipping & Return

When you buy the ring of your dreams you don’t want to wait for it to arrive. BP Jewelry will arrange a free delivery with free shipping insurance using FedEx. We’ll always aim to get your ring to you up to 10 Days!

  • Final quality control check
  • Presentation box and certification
  • Secure packaging and despatch
  • Full order tracking
  • Secure delivery Return

Lifetimee Warranty

Your ring or fine jewelry was painstakingly created by experts and checked and appraised throughout its manufacture. The design and craftsmanship of all our jewelry is outstanding and - we believe - second to none. We have enough confidence in the quality of our jewelry to give every item that we sell an automatic lifetime warranty

The BP Jewelry lifetime warranty includes:

  • Free prong tightening
  • Re-polishing and cleaning
  • Rhodium plating

100% Money Back

No online image can really capture the fire and sparkle of a diamond, or the beauty of a precious metal setting - especially when it’s placed on a woman’s finger. We’re so confident that when you see your ring you’ll fall in love with it, that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

  • From manufacturer to consumer
  • Huge selection of diamonds and jewellry
  • Only certificate diamonds
  • Quality Service
Design your own Engagement ring

Design your engagement ring your way. Start with a ring setting and then add the perfect center stone - or vice versa. It’s really up to you!

Gift Ideas

Make a holiday unique

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